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Hi! I'm David, a full stack web developer.

Let the journey begin...

Hi there and a warm welcome to my blog

My name is David E. Keller and I'm a full stack (web) developer. Originally I studied Industrial Engineering but then... For many years I've been developing software but only since 2014 I'm coding professionally. Pre 2006 I used WinForms with VB to create desktop applications with somehow creative but limited UIs. HTML5 made me switch to the web which is my new home and the .NET stack with C# is my main toolset. I've worked with Java, PHP and Phyton. Since Microsoft announced building the new, platform independent framework I follow the .NET Core, especially the ASP.NET Core track on a daily basis.

Together with JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 I try to build beautifully, robust, secure and highly scalable software. I'm far from being a designer so usually my front ends are made by someone of my network.


Whenever the business allows I contribute to different Open Source Projects, one of it is, an open source iCal library for .NET. You can find it on GitHub.


In my spare time I fly small airplanes, enjoy the beauty of wind and water on the Lake of Constance on a sailboat or I'm up in the Swiss mountains hiking. If you want to get in touch with me just write me on Twitter @kdaveid or comment on one of my posts.

This is my first post in (hopefully) many future posts on the journey.

Me as a private pilot.

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